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3D maps course to Hong Kong bourse: Bloomberg
Posted on Tuesday, 15 May 2018 11:41
Hong Kong’s decision to change its listing rules to attract more biotechnology companies appears to be working as Bloomberg has reported 3D Medicines is considering a first-time share sale worth as much as USD 500.00 million.

Sources close to the matter told the news provider the mainland-based developer of diagnostics, big data and drugs focused on the oncology field is gearing up for an initial public offering as early as the fourth quarter of the calendar year.

They added the usual cautions that preparations for the group, which claims to be the leading precision medicine company in China, are still in the early stages and, as such, details may change.

Founded in 2010, 3D has three platforms, one of which, next-generation sequencing (NGS), is based on bioinformatics analyses piecing together small fragments of DNA by mapping the individual reads to the human reference genome.

The group’s oncology data service integrates genome profiles, clinical records and pharmacology data to let the company predict patient response rate and improve the design of clinical trials to get a better success rate in development.

3D’s patient derived cancer cell lines library is the world’s largest and is based on oncology samples from the liver, lung, oesophagus, colon, rectum, gallbladder, head and neck.

Using this latter content collection, the company can conduct drug screening in hundreds of human tumour cell lines with clear genome information, mimicking "clinical trials" in the cancer patient population even in the early preclinical stage.

According to the website, 3D has offices and facilities across the country, including headquarters and a research and development centre in Shanghai, global clinical operations in Beijing and clinical diagnostic laboratories in Shanghai and Shenyang.

The group released two precision diagnostic tools in 2012, established the largest collection of liver cancer primary cell library in the world in 2013 and set up a cancer prevention system with China’s hospitals in 2015.

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