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 Latvijas Centralais Depozitarijs is to acquire and absorb Eesti Vaartpaberikeskus and Lietuvos Centrinis Vertybiniu Popieriu Depozitoriumas from Nasdaq NordicDeal No 1909570026 
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 Deal typeAcquisition 100% 
 Deal statusAnnounced 
 Target nameCountryActivityBvD ID number 
 LIETUVOS CENTRINIS VERTYBINIU POPIERIU DEPOZITORIUMAS ABLTSecurity brokers, dealers, and flotation companiesLT110059343 
 EESTI VAARTPABERIKESKUS ASEESecurity brokers, dealers, and flotation companiesEE10111982 
Last data update: 19/01/2018 6:57 PM (CEST)