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Smiths Detection to buy PathSensors
Posted on Tuesday, 30 June 2020 11:08
Smiths Detection, a subsidiary of Smiths Group, has agreed to by US-based biotechnology and environmental testing company PathSensors for an undisclosed sum.

The deal will expand the acquiror’s sensing capabilities across the chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive segment and help the group respond quickly to emerging threats.

Subject to customary closing conditions, the transaction is due to complete within the next four weeks.

Maryland-headquartered PathSensors provides pathogen-detection and biothreat services for customers in the food safety, biodefence and agriculture industries, among others.

It has used its Canary cell-based technology to develop an immune cell, or biosensor, which identifies and binds to a specific pathogen and lights up when the target is found.

The process can discover biological threats in minutes and helps to combat bioterrorism activity.

PathSensors’ pathogen detection platform, BioFlash, identifies up to 21 biologic agents, pathogens and toxins, such as anthrax, smallpox, botulism and ricin.

Alongside its core operations, the group also carries out mail screening, environmental monitoring and plant and agricultural safety and testing services, among others.

The company’s clients include the Pentagon, banks, Fortune 500 corporations and food producers.

Roland Carter, president of Smiths Detection, said: “The acquisition of PathSensors will allow us to broaden our detection capabilities within the biological spectrum, which is becoming more relevant in the current environment.

“This is consistent with our approach to increase our focus on investing selectively in technology and innovation for the purpose of getting closer to our customers and expanding into new adjacencies.”

Located in London, Smiths Detection claims to be the world’s leading provider of threat detection and security screening technologies.

Its products include Ace-ID, a portable chemical identifier which scans dangerous substances for explosives, narcotics or toxic chemicals.

Formed in 1950, Smiths Detection serves customers across the aviation, urban security and defence industries.

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