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Team Whistle continues growth with Tiny Horse
Posted on Thursday, 21 May 2020 13:51
Global media company Team Whistle has bought US-based premier marketing services firm Tiny Horse for an undisclosed announced sum.

Following the transaction, the target’s over-the-top advertising sales group, Palomino, will also become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the acquiror’s.

Headquartered in California, Tiny Horse provides strategy, concepting and distribution and services, among others, for networks, producers and streamers across the entertainment industry.

The group’s offerings sustain and monetise digital audiences worldwide, while helping businesses to create and engage with fanbases.

Its clients comprise Fortune 50 clients, studios and startups, such as Amazon, Pepsi, the Walt Disney Company and NBCUniversal.

Tiny Horses’s current investors, including Elizabeth Koch, will become shareholders in the buyer, alongside the likes of Discovery, ITV and Sky Sports.

The deal comes during a boom time for Team Whistle, which has seen its weekly network viewership rise by over 50.0 per cent since March, generating 4.20 billion global video views per month.

Michael Cohen, president of the acquiror, said: “With the pace of media transformation happening at an accelerated rate throughout COVID-19, acquiring Tiny Horse further positions us to lead through this time of tremendous change by combining our premium IP [internet protocol] and massive activatable audiences with superior marketing and customer acquisition capabilities.”

Through organic growth and the deal with the target, the group expects to double its revenue in 2020.

Owen Leimbach, co-founder of Tiny Horse, said: “With Team Whistle we will be able to target the two largest areas of streaming media spend, content and marketing."

The acquisition adds another company to the buyer’s portfolio, which includes media businesses New Form and Vertical Networks.

Team Whistle operates sites across New York, Los Angeles and London and has raised over USD 100.00 million since its inception in 2014.

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