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‘BigBasket to pick up DailyNinja’
Posted on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 08:46
BigBasket is said to have acquired Indian online milk delivery application DailyNinja as it looks expand its subscription-based service operations.

No financial details were announced.

Through the acquisition, BigBasket will gain access to the target’s network of 2,000 milkman partners across India.

DailyNinja claims to be the country’s largest early morning milk and grocery delivery service.

Through its app, customers can order a range of products, including bread, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

DairyNinja delivers every item before 7am, and users have the option to change the quantity or pause bookings during vacations.

Customers can place orders daily or via monthly subscriptions and recharge their online pre-paid wallet through their credit and debit cards, among other payment methods.

The group’s app also allows users to manage their expenses and review spending over the last month or week.

DairyNinja is used across India, namely in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai.

BigBasket expects the deal to grow its milk and daily needs subscription division BBdaily by 150.0 per cent to 200.0 per cent within a 12-month period.

The target also plans to scale up its business by 2.0x within a month, by leveraging on the buyer’s supply chain.

According to Bloomberg, the deal comes during a struggling time for online grocers in India, as the country prepares to go on lockdown due to the growing coronavirus pandemic.

Hari Menon, co-founder of the purchase, said: “Business with small traders is a key and growing part of BigBasket’s business.

“We also aim to improve delivery productivity and achieve break-even much sooner than planned.”

Founded in 2011, BigBasket claims to be India’s largest online grocery startup.

Since its inception, the group has expanded across the country, including in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

Its offerings include fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, beverages and food grains.

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